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Hiking cinque torri
Cinque torri and tofana
Rifugio sennes view
Cortina d ampezzo surroundings
Monte pelmo and monte civetta
Commanding monte civetta
Dolomites mountains
Passo giau sunset
Lago di braies
From: 1349€/person
9 days / 8 nights
Experience the iconic Alta Via 1 alpine trail, a hut-to-hut hike through the heart of Italy's enchanting Dolomites mountain range, on a self-guided adventure.
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Seiser alm
Cow in kastelruth pastures
Alpe di siusi beautiful
Scenery alpe di siusi
Seiser alm mountain pastures
Walking in alpe di siusi
From: 1179€/person
7 days / 6 nights
Leisurely to Moderate
Explore the region of Alpe di Siusi and its pristine alpine pastures with grazing cattle and wooden chalets on this week-long stroll across the scenic plateau.
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Dolomites scenery
Tre cime
Lago di braies
Cattle grazing scenic
Food dolomites
Dolomites walking holidays
View of tre cime di lavaredo
From: 2249€/person
8 days / 7 nights
Explore the surroundings of Dobiacco and other scenic locations on the Austro-Italian border on our most luxury walking holidays in the Dolomites.
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Rifugio sennes view
Majestic cinque torri
Le vert lake lavarella
Mountain hut pasture
Rifugio biella with surroundings
Ww remains
From: 649€/person
4 days / 3 nights
Moderate to Challenging
Experience the northern section of the renowned Alta Via 1 in just 4 days, starting from the idyllic Lago di Braies and ending at the panoramic Falzarego pass.
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Gardena pass
Coffee with a view
Valparola lake
La val badia
La villa lake
Val badia dolomites
Marmot dolomites
Dolomites landscape piz boe
From: 1239€/person
7 days / 6 nights
Spend a week hiking across the green alpine meadows, discovering mountain streams, and enjoying astonishing views in the heart of the Dolomites.
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About Walking Holidays Dolomites

If there ever was a place perfect for a relaxing week of recharging in nature, it is the Dolomites with their unique limestone rock formations, lush alpine valleys, and breathtaking views.

Our hiking tours in the Dolomites take you on a journey to explore the area’s most well-known locations and hidden gems. Each day brings about a walking tour in an entirely new setting of the Dolomites — hike around Tre Cime di Lavaredo or enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Val Badia valley in the summer.

With so much diversity at hand, we want you to discover the mountain range at your own pace. Designed to suit outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and profiles, our self-guided walking holidays in the Dolomites aim to give you the freedom of self-guided hiking while letting you jump over any organizational obstacles.

As such, you will be able to immerse yourself in the surroundings and local culture — learning about the tradition of cheese-making or enjoying a luscious meal of local dishes. 

The personalized booklet you receive from us before the trip will include recommendations for the best local experiences, a day-by-day itinerary, and detailed descriptions of your hikes combined with GPS navigation for each of them. We also book all your accommodations and offer 24/7 support during your Dolomites walking tour.

Check out the packages we designed for you, and send us an inquiry to start planning the Dolomites hiking holiday of your desire.

Best areas for hiking tours in the Dolomites

Alta Badia: Consisting of several cozy villages like Corvara, Badia, La Villa, and others, the Badia valley offers many hiking opportunities across the surrounding mountain passes and slopes, connected by several scenic trails and chairlifts.

Alta Pusteria: The northern section of the Pusteria valley around Dobbiaco is home to several pearls of the Dolomites, including the iconic Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lago di Braies, and Lake Dobbiaco.

Alpe di SiusiAs one of the most picturesque locations in the Dolomites, the Alpe di Siusi plateau paints a picture of a complete alpine idyll — green meadows, wooden lodges, grazing cattle, and a stony mountain vista in the distance.

Cortina d’Ampezzo: Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, serving as a gateway to natural landmarks like Cinque Torri, Lake Sorapis, Passo Giau, and Passo Falzarego.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree hike.

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We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to travel with confidence.

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Things to know

Although hiking in light rain is manageable as long as proper attire is worn, it is crucial to note that hiking during a storm can be extremely dangerous. It is recommended to schedule hikes early in the day during the summer months to avoid thunderstorms. However, if the forecast predicts severe weather, it is best to reschedule, or we can advise you on a different tour option.

It depends on the tour, as some routes run well above 2000 or even 2500 meters of elevation. Therefore, they are impassable in snowy conditions, limiting the visiting season to the summer and early autumn days between late June and early October.

However, some of our holidays keep to lower elevations, so hiking in early spring or late autumn is still possible. You can read more extensively about it on our subpage about the Dolomites.

All the accommodations offer vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast. You also will not have any trouble finding such menus at restaurants. When you eat at mountain huts, though, they might not serve vegan meals. In such cases, it is best to bring your own food.

Our hiking holidays are suitable for children as long as they are prepared physically and sure-footed. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of young participants, we recommend that they be at least eight years old to join the tours.

While our tours are designed to suit a wide range of people, some days can include long distances with substantial elevation gain. We try to keep this to a minimum while preserving the overall quality of your experience, but you should be used to walking for 4-6 hours while overcoming around 600 meters of elevation.

We also try to route our walks in the vicinity of cable cars and chairlifts to shorten your climbs or help you descend in case of fatigue.

Shoes are an essential piece of equipment when walking in the Dolomites. We suggest you wear sturdy hiking shoes with ankle support for all our tours, as the ground in the Dolomites is uneven, sometimes rocky, and slippery. Therefore, you risk a severe injury if you wear sneakers, especially if you are not used to hiking on such terrain.

The car might offer you slightly more flexibility and freedom, but it is not necessary to come by car, as public transport is well-organized in the Dolomites and the entire Alps. Even traveling across different countries is very convenient. Be it by bus or train — you can reach virtually any destination in the Dolomites using public transport.

Additionally, you will promote sustainable tourism by reducing your carbon footprint, and we are all for keeping the environment of the Dolomites as untouched as possible.

Keep in mind that the Dolomites are one of the most popular tourist destinations all year round, and all accommodations are subject to availability. Therefore, early booking is crucial to ensure the housing you desire, but we will always do our best to get you the optimal lodging based on your preferences.

Yes. The sooner you book, the better your options will be. If you book just before the season starts or during the season, we cannot guarantee you a spot in the hotels and apartments.

Some stages can be shortened by descending to the valley sooner than intended. At some locations, you can even do so by taking a chairlift or a cable car. However, we try to keep our tours as undemanding as possible, so you will not encounter such issues.

The Dolomites’ area is well-connected to the outside world, making it easy to access by public transport. You can do so by flying to one of the nearest airports in Venice, Treviso, or Innsbruck, and then taking a train or bus to reach the final destination. We wrote about it extensively on our How to get to the Dolomites subpage.

Given how well-organized our tours are and how accessible and easy-to-orient the Dolomites are, you most likely will not need a guide. Our handout will equip you with all the essential information while you will still enjoy the freedom of a self-guided holiday.

But if you feel more comfortable with a guide, you can let us know, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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